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Why Luxury?

The reality is, the car itself is the same no matter which dealership you visit. However, what spells the big difference is the kind of superior service Luxury Auto Imports is very proud to provide, from the second you enter our showroom we offer you the highest quality of customer service you deserve. And here's where we really make a distinction - our service doesn't stop the moment you drive your car off the lot. We're here to help with service, maintenance and accessories if needed.

Choosing the right luxury car dealer can make all the difference when buying luxury and import automobiles.

Before we deliver a vehicle to its new owner we do a full safety inspection, always have a recent CarFax report available and will work with our customers to accessorize the vehicle to fit their needs. We offer rims, tires, floor mats, tint, paint correction, buffing, waxing and extended warranties.